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Getting Started

The first step to creating or compiling your own interactive crossword is to register. Once registration is complete you will be able to start compiling Crosswords online and use the complete set of tools provided.

You need no other software other an Internet browser and Internet connection. You don't need to have Java installed on your computer so you can compile Crosswords from your work PC and at home.

The Crossword Compiler gives you the facility to compile up to ten Crosswords at a time, you may save your work if incomplete to return to it later. When you have completed a Crossword the data is saved in our Crossword database and we are notified that it has been completed. We then check the Crossword for obvious errors and then make it available online.

You have your own crossword page where people can only access your crosswords.

Please read the help pages to see all the functions available.

The best bit is it's free. You don't need to buy any software to use it or pay a subscription.