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Template Functions

The template creator simply allows you to add and edit black boxes to a grid. Make sure that the text description (top right) is correct with the template you are creating.

Template title

For example here the title says that you are creating a 13x13 American Style Template.

The flashing cursor indicates which grid square you are editing.

Basic Functions

Move the cursor around the grid by clicking in any square or use the arrow keys.

To add a black square hit the Space Bar on the key board.

To remove a black square hit the Delete key or Back Space key.

Main Functions

The tool panel is similar to the Crossword Compiler and contains general functions and short cuts that you may wish to use.

Template function buttons

From left to right and top to bottom the below text describes the functions.

HOME - links back to the Compiler Admin page

PRINT - click to print the template grid.

HELP - opens the help pages.

AUTO - fills in the grid numbers.

SAVE - automatically fills in the grid numbers and saves the template. 

FILL 1 - fills every other square black, starting with white.

FILL 2 - fills every other square black, starting with black.

RAND - randomly places black squares.

CLEAR - clears all black squares.

BLACK - fills all squares black.