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Creating a Profile

Creating a profile is simple with a few options that may be useful.

Creating a profile form

You can write and save your profile without it being online by making sure the Display Profile check box is not checked. This is useful if you wish to complete the profile later.

Your First name and Last name is mandatory.

Web Site Address

If you have a web site you can enter the address here so people viewing your profile can visit it. This web site must be one you own and related to Crosswords, Puzzles or use of the English language etc.

Contact E-mail Address

This option will allow people to contact you via a web form from your profile. Your e-mail address is not displayed or even transferred to the user. The contact form diverts the e-mail to you.

This e-mail address can be the one you registered with but can also be another e-mail address that you specifically wish to receive enquiries from the web site. Please make sure this address is correct as it is all too easy to enter the wrong address therefore you will not receive any contacts.

To check that the address is correct and is working ok click the Preview Profile button at the top. Click the Contact link and fill the form in. You should receive an e-mail within a few minutes.


You can write a profile detailing your services or just a bit about you. You can write this in the box provided or copy and paste it from a word processor.

Terms, Conditions and Saving

To save the profile you must check the terms box and click the Save Profile button. These terms are specific to the profile facility.

Preview Profile

If you click the preview profile button you will see the actual profile as it will appear online. The Display Profile box must be checked to view this page.