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We will remove, as soon as is possible, any information that is clearly incorrect or that breaches our forum's Restrictions of use.

When submitting information to the forum we recommend you do not enter e-mail addresses in the input box provided. You should be aware that e-mail address that are posted on internet forums may become harvested and thereafter subjected to spam or unwanted e-mails.

We recommend that you do not enter any personal information including addresses, phone numbers or e-mail addresses in the forum and we will not be held responsible for any problems that may arise thereafter.

Restrictions of use

Please note, we do not allow postings that:

1) Incite hatred whether based on race, religion, gender, sexuality or otherwise.

2) Contain addresses or telephone numbers, whether that of the person entering a posting or otherwise.

3) Advertise products or services.

4) Could be personally damaging to any individual by naming them or advertising their personal details.

5) Contain web site links that are inappropriate or outside the subject matter of this forum.

6) Contain certain excessive slang words, e-mail header information or HTML code.

All breaches of these conditions will result in your sign in details being restricted and all posts or replies removed.


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Registering as a Crossword Compiler gives instant access to the forum. Only Crossword Compilers or users of this service will be able to post items to the forum.

Using the forum

The forum is arranged in three levels. The main topics are created by us.

You may eneter Subjects or Posts within these topics by clicking the "New Post" link.

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Each Post can be searched by entering search words into the search text box. This search will look at all the information in the posts and return results accordingly.

To remove or clear the search information click the Clear Search button.

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