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Terms / Conditions

We charge no fee to use the Crossword Compiler.

If you enjoy using the compiler and feel you would like to make a donation, a link is provided in the Compiler navigator. This will enable you to Donate, as you wish, by using Debit or Credit Cards though a Secure online payment system. All donations are gratefully accepted and are used to update existing and develop new free services. Because of administration costs we can not accept donations less than 1.00 GBP.

We will delete and not accept any Crosswords that we feel are inappropriate or are overly inaccurate. This may include answers or clues that contain language that may be construed as offensive to other users.

Some Crosswords you create, using the new dowedo Crossword Compiler, may be published on the web site and possibly other web sites associated with

Any Crosswords you create using this compiler must be of your own work and original. If directly copied from an existing Crossword you may be liable under the terms and conditions of that Crossword's compiler or publisher. We cannot be held responsible or liable for any Crosswords that are created or that may by displayed on this Web Site in respect of copyright or any other reason. If asked to do so we will remove any Crosswords and the Compiler's registration should a breach of copyright be declared.

The Crossword Compiler and Crossword display software is protected under copyright law and cannot be distributed, copied or displayed on other web sites either as a single page or in frames. This does not include the "My Crossword page" as long as the page remains, as we have intended, with the dowedo logo and navigator links intact. Please refer to the "My Crosswords" section of this help guide for more information.

You are free to use this service to create crosswords that you may dispute or sell to others. This does not include the sale loan or rental of the software used to display or create the crosswords.

We may offer selected compilers the opportunity to become "House Compilers". By being a "House Compiler" you can receive payment from us for Crosswords that we order. The selection process is carried out by us depending on the quality of the Crosswords produced and on a demand basis. The Crosswords completed by House Compilers could be used for Competition Crosswords and on other web sites.

If you create a Crossword that is used in a competition you will not be eligible to enter that competition.

We reserve the right to refuse any user that does not comply with these terms and conditions and change or modify these conditions as we see fit.

If you register but do not use the Crossword Compiler, your password and user name may deleted from the system after a period of 60 days. If you later decide to use the compiler you may have to re-register to obtain access to this system.