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Check Crossword

When the page has loaded you will see a green tick if all is OK and all words were added to the crossword.

Crossword OK

If this is the case please still manually check that all is OK with the grid, answers and clues.

Crossword Error

If you see a red cross then there was a problem creating the grid. Should you wish to edit your answers or even just try to create the crossword again click the blue Edit Clues and Answers puzzle piece button at the top of the page.

Link back to edit clues and answers

If you wish to try to create the crossword again simply click the Create Crossword button again. Should it fail twice you need to consider completing the crossword as it is or editing the answers and clues.

If you are happy with the crossword you can proceed with two options. Either complete the crossword and return to compiler admin or send the crossword to the professional compiler.

You may wish to send the professional crossword compiler so that you can edit the clues, correct an error in the answers, add a crossword title or use the Thesaurus and crossword tools to improve the clues etc. 

Please note that you cannot edit the grid in the professional compiler.