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this will take you to the page where you will select the type of crossword clues you are going to use. Quick, Cryptic or Themed. It is important to select this correctly so the completed crossword will be listed in the correct category.

Selecting the type of clues

Quick clues are generally a short description hint or synonym of the answer. For example: Clue =  A southern American state Answer = Texas

Cryptic Clues lead to the answer following various rules and ticks. Example: Clue = Runs around the middle of the action and fights Answer = Ructions. Runs around indicated RUNS is spilt and either side of part of Actions CTIO. and fight is a definition of the answer RUCTIONS.

Themed clues can be whatever you like but will follow a general theme and therefore the crossword must have a title attached to it. i.e. A crossword about planets will have all answers planet related.