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Compiler Basics

As soon as the compiler appears a blank crossword  based on your input is created and saved. You can now start to create the answers and clues.

You can navigate around the Crossword by clicking inside the grid, use your arrow keys or click on the clue number. We recommend that you click on the clue number as the Crossword cursor will automatically position itself in the correct direction. The row or column is also indicated by grey shading.

Grid with selected row

When you do this the focus is always to the Crossword grid so if you type you will see your text appear in the grid. If you wish to enter a clue you must click on that clue number and then click in the clue text box at the top. When the focus is on the grid the clues text box is shaded out indicating that it will not accept input.

Clue Input Box

You can then enter your clue text. Some characters are not allowed and you will be prompted if you enter a character that is illegal.

The answer length in brackets is automated for your convenience. In most cases you will not need to change this. If however your answer is constructed of two or more words you might wish the answer length to be split with a comma. The brackets are added automatically. The answer length box will only allow numbers, commas or a hyphens to be entered to a maximum length of ten characters.

When you have completed your answer you can enter it to the list by clicking the button Clue save button or click on another clue number to save the clue. Note: Saving clues does not save the crossword. To save the crossword you need to click the larger save button in the main button panel.

Automatic Save Prompting

After approximately 15 minutes a warning box will appear prompting you to save the crossword. It is important to regularly save your work as after a certain amount of time your session will time out sending you back to the login screen. When this occurs there are functions in place to save the crossword but these should not be relied on.