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Find and Fit

The grey shaded area in the button panel houses the compiler tool buttons.

Find and Fit has been designed to help you when compiling Crosswords. If you have an incomplete answer that you need to fit with other answers, Find and Fit will search our online dictionary for any words that will fit in that pattern.

You may notice when you click on a clue number, the Grid Text box is filled with whatever is in the corresponding boxes in the grid. Any empty boxes are displayed as a ?. Click the Find and Fit button and the Find and Fit pop-up screen will appear containing any words that it has found that fit. You can select any of the words by clicking them. This will automatically insert the answer into the grid. The Find and Fit page will self close afterwards.

This function is also useful for completing other Crosswords and for checking spelling. You can type into Find and Fit input box manually any part word putting question marks where there are missing letters. Example: ?a?p?

You will notice that there are two search buttons. The first performs a standard search and will find whole words that fit. In certain circumstances, if you have had no results using the standard search, you may wish to use the Search + button. This will find single words, hyphenated words and word combinations that could fit. The results here are not always a direct fit with every known letter.