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The Thesaurus works in a similar way to Find and Fit. You can click the button at any point to open the Thesaurus and type in the word that you wish to find synonyms for.

If you have a word in the grid and you wish to search for it's synonyms, click on the corresponding clue number first, then click the T button. The thesaurus will open and search automatically for that word's synonyms.

There are two radio buttons at the top on the right where you can chose where any clicked word will be placed.

Thesuarus selection

By default the Send to Clues button is checked. This means that when you click one of the words in the synonym list it will be placed in the Clue Editing text box. To save click the editing box once to give focus then click the save button.

To place a synonym in the grid, make sure the Send to Grid button is checked. Note: The selected word must be the same length as the number of characters in the highlighted grid row or column. If the length is incorrect a warning box will appear.

The Thesaurus will close automatically after placing any words into the Compiler.