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Compilers Name: Trevor Newstead


Registered: 03 Oct 2013


Location: United Kingdom


Completed: 152 Crosswords for dowedo View all crosswords by rooster


Profile: I specialise in sporting, television and cryptic crosswords, although I am prepared to try my hand at anything. I have had over 3000 crosswords published in regional and national newspapers and magazines. My television crosswords are published by the Hampshire Independent, which has an online edition.. I have also produced puzzles for businesses. The crossword on Weber Barbecue's A Perfect Sunday website is an example of my work. I have also provided cryptic crosswords for Teazel, one of the leading apps crossword providers. .Two collections of twenty cryptic crosswords, Rooster Crosswords Vol 1+ Vol2 are available from the Stand Alone. Inc. website for $1.99 each..

I submit my work by either post, email or on Crossword Compiler .ccw or other files.

I would hope to deliver any work within seven days of order. Competitive rates charged.