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rooster - Crossword Compiler Profile

Compilers Name: Trevor Newstead


Registered: 03 Oct 2013


Location: United Kingdom


Completed: 150 Crosswords for dowedo View all crosswords by rooster


Profile: I specialise in sporting, television and cryptic crosswords, although I am prepared to try my hand at anything. I have had over 3000 crosswords published in regional and national newspapers and magazines. My television crosswords are published by the Hampshire Independent, which has an online edition.. I have also produced puzzles for businesses. The crossword on Weber Barbecue\'s A Perfect Sunday website is an example of my work. I have also provided cryptic crosswords for Teazel, one of the leading apps crossword providers. .A further collection of twenty cryptic crosswords, Rooster Crosswords Vol 1, is available from the Stand Alone. Inc. website for $1.99..

I submit my work by either post, email or on Crossword Compiler .ccw or other files.

I would hope to deliver any work within seven days of order. Competitive rates charged.