Themed 13x13 Standard Crossword - Compiled By stellam

Date: 10 Feb 2010 Title: Maggie Jones a tribute to Corrie star and actress

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1. Ms Jones also was in this detective mystery series by Reginald Hill 'Dalziel & _______' (6)
4. Maggie played this character a sister of this Austen character in Sense and Sensibility 1971 (6)
7. She also starred in a play for this Austen book 'Pride and ______' (9)
9. 'Early in the morning, when the day is dawning...' Your ____ Postman Pat rolls up about noon wearing a pair of shorts and his breakfast. And if he's not chucking elastic bands like confetti, he'll be rifling through your birthday cards. (4)
10. Blanche Hunt thought of as a battle-axe always has a way of winning her way into your heart and making you love her (4)
11. Ms Jones played Edith Greengrass in this fictional pub _____sfield Arms in Heartbeat (5)
13. This Mr. Riley played Clive Masters on Heartbeat a few years earlier than Maggie, also played a social worker on Corrie (6)
14. 'Kenneth, ___ ___ better learn to start taking pleasure from other people's misery or you are going to have a long and unhappy old age!' (6)
15. What were Norris and Blanche best known for? (6)
17. This Mr. Leslie played Jack Walker who had a son named Billy who set his sights on a young 19 year old Deirdre (6)
19. The _____ rises in the hills above Ruabon in North Wales and flows into the River Dee below Llangollen. (5)
20. This Ms. Booth on Corrie played by Susan Jameson also worked with Maggie previously on other shows (4)
22. Deirdre Barlow and Blanche Hunt was what to Simon and Amy? (4)
23. This Gemini lady was born in 1934 in this town also known for Heartbeat where she played Edith Greengrass (9)
24. This actor played Giles in 08' and Dr. Marwood in Dalziel and Pascoe (6)
25. While Blanche regales Emily and Rita with stories of Poland (spotlessly clean hospital, apparently, but a surfeit of _______ pears), Deirdre and Ken have a cuddle in the hallway and sneak off upstairs. 'You must go away more often' says Ken. This is after what operation that Blanche has? (6)


1. Bill Waddington who played Percy Sugden on Corrie who was being pursued by Phyllis ______ also was in 'Nearest and Dearest' where Maggie played Ivy Crabtree and he played the Landlord. (6)
2. This Mr. Rigg played on this show Z Cars with Maggie playing a barmaid in 62' (4)
3. To direct or impose with authority and emphasis (6)
4. This Mr. Livingstone played Ray Thornley the same time that Maggie played Blanche in 76' was also in Ruth Rendell Mysteries (6)
5. 'I thought it was very illuminating!' offered another ex-drinker. 'Ere, well yer want to get out more,'Blanche said. 'Wait till you try bingo! You'll hyperventilate.' 'Mother, please be quiet!' gasped Deirdre each time her mother became uncontrollable. What scene was this? (4)
6. Donald Sumpter who played ______ Peveril in Ruth Rendell and Z cars as well as Midsomer Murders (6)
7. 'Gypsy Rose Hunt, Fortune Teller', by turning Deirdre's living room into a Moroccan tent using this kind of palm reading also known as (9)
8. 1.Their relationship will be amusingly fractious at first, but they'll begin to help ____ other. 2. '_____ is this key to the padded cell where you live? as I think you may need to go back there! Who is this comment about? Another rare find of Blanche quotes. (9)
11. Blanche Hunt also worked as a barmaid for this Corrie landlady (5)
12. Dawn of ___ and __ flamin' Vera! this said about the former battle-axe Vera Duckworth (5)
15. Maggie's birth sign of June (6)
16. 'They're behaving like the jar of ______ is the crown jewels!' What scene is this referring to? (6)
17. 1. Ah, well??? don't you go telling anybody, I've got a reputation to maintain! Blanche advising an abandoned Leanne 2.Blanche 'congratulates' Linda Sykes on her engagement.... 'Now what number Mrs Baldwin will you be, I can't quite remember how many there have been. Can you Rita? Of course, Our Deirdre was involved with him once you know. Had a lucky escape in my opinion, though I have to say you could at least see the attraction in him then before time started taking it's toll. Anyway, best of luck to you.' (6)
18. 'I considered surprising you by flying back for your party. But then I remembered some of your previous anniversary parties and couldn't imagine it would be worth the bother. Besides, it's 83 degrees Fahrenheit here and we have a pool!' _______ Blanche in her final speech on Coronation Street (6)
21. a sauce made of garlic (4)
22. What do Blanche Hunt and Maggie Jones have in common? Clue: A beautiful and sometimes mischievous ____. (4)