Themed 13x13 Standard Crossword - Compiled By stellam

Date: 16 Mar 2010 Title: Corrie in the 80's

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1. Amoebas in Chaos formed in Bloomington, IN in early 1981 a non-descript punk era band (7)
2. This Ms Wrigg played Flora Swain (4)
3. Arthur Whittaker an old friend of Ivy Tilsley whom she met up with again at bingo, and got friendly again after Bert Tilsley's death - much to Brian Tilsley's annoyance. (6)
4. During her time spent in the programme her musical talents continued to come in useful. She was often seen playing the piano in the programme and found work elsewhere as a singer on the ITV programme for Violet Carson remained on the show until 1980 from the 1960's (6)
5. Beattie Pearson was wife of Norman Pearson and this to Albert Tatlock who's last appearance was in 84' (8)
6. Young Ms. Chamarette who played this youngster on the street one of four ladies to play this daughter of longtime Weatherfield resident (5)
12. Bert, Brian and Ivy are also known as (8)
13. Mike Baldwin owner of Baldwin's casuals now known as Underworld (7)
15. Ms. King who played on rival show Emmerdale played recently in a panto with Katherine Kelly in Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs (6)
16. 1. 'You've done me and my gorgeous new outfit the final, the most unforgivable mischief! Not content with doing your damnedest to feed me to the flamin' fishes, you have put me down right slap bang __ the middle of a flamin' cow plop! 2. Hilda is beside herself because Stan isn't back yet. When he finally returns, Hilda thinks he's been out drinking. She smells his breath but says 'it's hard to tell with you. A beer barrel doesn't ____ smelling of ale when it's empty' (6)
17. Son of Annie and Jack Walker and fiancee of Deirdre Hunt (5)
19. This Ms. Gridley played Elaine Webster who was niece to none other than Percy Sugden who married Bill Webster, Kevin's father (4)