Themed 15x15 Standard Crossword - Compiled By stellam

Date: 08 May 2010 Title: Corrie in 2000 - A 50th Anniversary and end of an

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1. This Mr. Hill played son of Frankie and Danny Baldwin in which show writers also never casted other son Warren (6)
4. But Ken! Always got to be different. Always sniffing out controversy. Does Tennessee Williams wear kimono? In what episode did this occur? (8)
9. Mother of Fiona and Chesney and this actress of the same name who is slated to play a cameo role in 2010 (6)
10. Eunice mother of Curly Watts was played by this Georgina (8)
12. Anne Kirkbride who has played Deirdre Barlow for many years is also very much this as her father was a cartoonist - My whole family are artistic but I always thought that in my case the artistic side came out in the acting. (4)
13. This Gyros or Donair shop on the street formerly owned by Jerry Morton now of Dev Alahan is called this (5)
14. An arranged marriage with her family's blessing, or ____ her family and never see them again. Which character appeared 2001 to end up being wed to Corner Shop owner and serial philanderer (4)
17. Minor characters - 1.Becky Graingers old boyfriend Slug who was this 2.Brief fling of Ken Barlow Martha Fraser was an actress in this (12)
20. 1.In tailoring, the inseam is the seam that binds the length of the inner pant leg - In what year would the factory be producing this 2. Jason refused to bond with Holly, while all the other residents of No. 11 rallied round to support Eileen with the baby's _______.Which character ended up being Hollys father (12)
23. This lady not a character on the street but the real life wife of this character a longtime pigeon-fancying idler (4)
24. Steve Huison who plays Eddie Windass also of ___ Begins playing a character named Frazer and also of Fully Montys Lomper amongst other notables (5)
25. 2003 saw the introduction of another gay male character after Todd Grimshaw who is this now popular seamstress and barman (4)
28. Early in 2000 this character feels ______ when Duggie offers him a job as a labourer now he is owner of StreetCars and Rovers Return (8)
29. Well I think that's exactly what I need - a disposable man, you can pop him back in the box when you're done with him. What former barmaid said this? (6)
30. Annie Walker, Bet Lynch, Vera Duckworth, Shelley Unwin as well as Liz MacDonald were known as this (8)
31. Husband of Claire and son of Fred Elliott and Kathleen Gutteridge, although he was raised by Sam and Beryl Peacock. (6)


1. This Villain left Duggie Ferguson to die, murder his ex wife Patricia, attempt to murder his mother in law, Audrey Roberts, murder Maxine Peacock and attempt to murder Emily Bishop whos husband is this (8)
2. Eee, I get around me - from Roy's Rolls to this! she said, comparing her _______ surroundings with the Coronation Street cafe. (8)
3. Plays Len Windass the streets resident thug and Uncle of Gary (4)
5. One of many women in Mike Baldwins life played by Jaqueline Pirie and now wife of son Mark (12)
6. This former Oasis frontman Gallagher musician of Manchester currently is being pursued by Corrie bosses to appear in this years 50th Anniversary episodes in a cameo (4)
7. Hayley tracks Becky down to a grubby _____ and eventually makes amends with Becky and offers her job back at Roy?s Rolls what caused this argument that nearly shut down the streets favourite eatery (6)
8. 1.Boyfriend of Michelle Connor and Sean Tully creating the shows first unusual love triangle. 2. Jed Stone also went by this name to Minnie Caldwell also was victim to villain Tony Gordon (6)
11. Rosamund Street, Viaduct Street, and Victoria Street are famous for being where (12)
15. She was the wife of local businessman Preston King (5)
16. Drama teacher at Weatherfield High. To give him a link to residents of the show, it transpired that he was Fiz Brown's ex lover. (5)
18. bulky nocturnal burrowing rodent of uplands of the Pacific coast of North America; the most primitive living rodent of which of these male characters would fit this character trait - Charlie Stubbs, Nick Tilsley, Tony Gordon, Liam Connor,Dev Alahan, Steve MacDonald, Mike Baldwin or Ken Barlow (8)
19. (8)
21. Dominic Holmes played the son of hairdresser and resident former journalist and teacher (6)
22. 13-year old Sarah-Louise Platt (Tina O'Brien) had become pregnant and given birth to a baby girl, Bethany which wife of Kevin Webster kidnapped her ? (6)
26. the twelfth month of the Jewish civil year and the sixth month of the ecclesiastical year on the Hebrew calendar Lillian Spencer was played delightfully by this jewish actress Maureen Lipman (4)
27. 1. I mean Lloyd wears all manner of weird and wonderful things 2.Don't you love me any more, Jack? (4)