Themed 13x13 Standard Crossword - Compiled By stellam

Date: 04 Jul 2010 Title: All things in Summer and Love in Jane Austen Novel

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1. 'It is probable that she will neither love so well, nor flirt so well, as she might do either ______. The gentlemen must each give up a little.' (6)
4. They loved with mutual sincerity but were both determined not to transgress the _____ of Propriety by owning their attachment, either to the object beloved, or to any one else. (5)
8. It would be an excellent _____, for he was rich, and she was handsome (5)
9. ' _______ of nothing we would attain,' as 'unwearied diligence our point would gain' (7)
10. A short, witty poem expressing a single thought or observation. A concise, clever, often paradoxical statement (7)
11. Latin word for 'and others' used in many crosswords (4)
12. 'Ben and Anna walked here... and she looked so pretty, it was quite a pleasure to see her, so young and so blooming, and so innocent, as if she had never had a wicked thought in her life, which yet one has some reason to suppose she must have had, if we believe the doctrine of original ___' (3)
14. Should guilty seek asylum here, Like one pardoned, he becomes free from sin.Should a sinner make his way to this mansion,All his past sins are to be washed away.The sight of this mansion creates sorrowing sighsAnd the sun and the moon shed tears from their eyes.In this world this edifice has been made;To display thereby the creator's glory. This said of the Taj Mahal where is it located? (4)
15. 'Why only because I told him that I had seen a Man much handsomer than he was this Morning, he flew ____ a great Passion & called me a Vixen, so I only stayed to tell him I thought him a Blackguard & came away.' (4)
18. A Letter from a Young Lady, whose feeling being too Strong for her Judgement, ___ her into the commission of Errors which her Heart disapproved (3)
21. 'If I loved you less, I might be ____to talk about it more' (4)
23. 1. Latin, calamus was a common writing tool in this category and was used on such materials as the bark of trees, cloth, skins, papyrus and vellum 2. Thomas Lefroy been called to the Irish ___ in 1797, did Jane but know it, and there he became a prominent member, publishing a series of Law Reports on the cases of the Irish Court of Chancery (7)
25. 'I never saw any thing eligible come of young women's having houses of their own; she will do a much better thing to marry, and have some proper person to take care of her.'Jane's much admired authoress inspiring book (7)
26. To intend, prepare, Icel. ?tla to think, suppose, mean (5)
27. 'Oh! when a gallant young man, like Mr. Frank Churchill,' said Mr. Knightley ______, 'writes to a fair lady like Miss Woodhouse, he will, of course, put forth his best.' (5)
28. 'Thy _____ days may he inherit, Thy warmth, nay insolence of spirit' (6)


1. 'You must build me an elegant Greenhouse & stock it with plants. You must let me spend every Winter in Bath , every Spring in Town, Every _____ in taking some Tour, & every Autumn at a Watering Place, and if we are at home the rest of the year (6)
2. 'despair of ______ we would attain,' as 'unwearied diligence our point would gain' (7)
3. 'That form, indeed, the associate of a mind Vast in its powers, ______ in its kind' Excerpt William Cowper Olney, Nov. 6, 1784. (8)
4. 'And though the love of a hyacinth may be rather domestic, who can tell, the sentiment once raised, but you may in time come to love a ____?' (4)
5. Happiness in marriage is entirely a matter of chance. If the dispositions of the parties are ever so well known to each other or ever so similar beforehand, it does not advance their felicity in the _____. (5)
6. 'Anne and Henrietta, finding themselves the earliest of the party the next morning, agreed to ____ down to the sea before breakfast. They went to the sands, to watch the flowing of the tide, which a fine south-easterly breeze was bringing in with all the grandeur which so flat a shore admitted. They praised the morning; gloried in the sea; sympathized in the delight of the fresh-feeling breeze--and were silent (6)
7. Charles _____ was an amiable, accomplished, & bewitching young Man; of so dazzling a Beauty that none but Eagles could look him in the Face (5)
13. What age does Fanny fall in love with Edmund? (8)
16. ?when he is in Parliament. Won?t it? How I shall laugh! It will be so ridiculous to see all his letters directed to him with an M.P. But do you know he says he will never frank for me? This actress played Charlotte Palmer in 2008 (7)
17. 'She never has ______ with a clergyman she says, and she never will' (6)
19. It must be very improper that a young lady should _____ of a gentleman before the gentleman is first known to have dreamt of her (5)
20. Austen, Capt. ______ Leigh, RN 1858?1939 relative of Jane (6)
22. '_____ fellow to get her! He knows there must have been twenty better men than himself applying for her at the same time' (5)
24. 'Oh no, _that_ will never do! Let us have no ranting tragedies. Too many characters. Not a tolerable woman's part in the ____' (4)