Themed 13x13 Standard Crossword - Compiled By stellam

Date: 03 Sep 2011 Title: Jane Fall Letters & Quotes et al

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1. 'We were at a Ball on Saturday I assure you. We dined at ___________ & in the Evening danced two Country Dances and the Boulangeries.-I opened the Ball with Edwd* Bridges; the other couples, were Lewis Cage & Harriot, Frank and Louisa, Fanny & George. Elizth** played one Country dance, Lady Bridges the other, which she made Henry dance with her; and Miss Finch played the Boulangeries' (11)
9. 'You are but now coming to the heart and beauty of your story. Until the heroine grows up the fun must be imperfect, but I expect a great deal of __________ from the next three or four books, and I hope you will not resent these remarks by sending me no more' (13)
10. To lay aside a mood or disposition partly or wholly to desist from an activity (8)
12. A title used to designate certain European Slavic monarchs or supreme rulers (4)
14. 'Give my Love to Mary Harrison, & tell her I wish whenever she is attached to a young Man, some respectable Dr. Marchmont may keep them apart for five Volumes' Which Austen book is Jane referring to? (5)
15. 'Lady Catherine is Lord Portmore's daughter. have read Mr. Jefferson's case to Edward, and he desires to have his name set down for a guinea and his wife's for another; but does not wish for more than one copy of the work. Your account of Anna gives me pleasure. Tell her, with my love, that I like her for liking the quay. Mrs. J. A. seems rather surprised at the Maitlands drinking tea with you, but that does not prevent my approving it. I hope you had not a disagreeable evening with Miss Austen and her _____. You know how interesting the purchase of a spongecake is to me' (5)
19. 'I do not object to the Thing, but I cannot bear the expression;-it is such thorough novel slang-and so old, that I dare say ____ met with it in the first novel he opened.-Indeed I did very much like to know Ben's opinion.-I hope he will continue to be pleased with it, I think he must-but I cannot flatter him with their being much Incident' (4)
20. 'Miss Parker, whom, remembering the three teeth drawn in one day, Charlotte approached with a peculiar degree of respectful compassion, was not very unlike her sister in person or manner, though more thin and worn by illness and medicine, more relaxed in air and more subdued in voice. She talked, however, the whole evening as incessantly as Diana; and excepting that she sat with salts in her hand, took drops two or three times from one out of several phials already at home on the mantelpiece and made a great many odd faces and contortions, Charlotte could perceive no symptoms of illness which she, in the ______of her own good health, would not have undertaken to cure by putting out the fire, opening the window and disposing of the drops and the salts by means of one or the other' Sanditon (8)
22. 'One o'clock P.M. Saw four sail bearing N.W. At six, five sail of strangers in sight. At seven, perceived the ______ open a fire on the chace, which was returned. Saw two of them strike and shorten sail' 2. When Bonaparte marched for Syria, early in 1799, Perr?e was ordered to bring battering ______ to Haifa for the attack on Acre - Hubback Jane Austen's Sailor Brothers (13)
24. A species of willowherb, native to dry slopes and in chaparral of western North America, especially California (11)


2. ' I have just received yours and Mary's letter, and I thank you both, though their contents might have been more agreeable. I do not at all expect to see you on Tuesday, since matters have fallen ___ so unpleasantly; and if you are not able to return till after that day, it will hardly be possible for us to send for you before Saturday, though for my own part I care so little about the ball that it would be no sacrifice to me to give it up for the sake of seeing you two days earlier' (3)
3. 'Lady ______ is lovely and Engaging; I prefer no woman to her; but know, Sir, that I scorn to marry her in compliance with your Wishes. No! Never shall it be said that I obliged my Father.' We all admired the noble Manliness of his reply' Love and Freindship (8)
4. 'The day which she had spent at that place had been one of the happiest of her life. It was there, it was on that day, that the general had made use of such expressions with regard to Henry and herself, had so spoken and so looked as to give her the most positive conviction of his actually wishing their marriage. Yes, only ten days ago had he ______ her by his pointed regard ? had he even confused her by his too significant reference! And now ? what had she done, or what had she omitted to do, to merit such a change?' Northanger Abbey (6)
5. 'We are to have a ____ party here tonight ; I hate ____ parties-they force one into constant exertion.-Miss Edwards & her father, Mrs. Busby & her nephew Mr. Maitland, & Mrs. Lillingstone are to be the whole ;-and I am prevented from setting my black cap at Mr. Maitland by his having a wife & ten children' (4)
6. 'We are to look at the 'real -- that is, the unconscious intention of the agent'. Not what the person professes even to himself. Now we see why it's a strain, because what is asked is that over some abyss of non-meaning of amorality, of pragmatism, people assume a selfhood others will probably misinterpret and hold to it anyway' Trilling on Mansfield Park (9)
7. He is better than he was when he first came, though still by no means well. According to his present plan, he will not return here till about the 23rd, and bring with him, if he can, leave of absence for three weeks, as he wants very much to have some shooting at Godmersham (5)
8. Friday was our worst day as to weather. We were out in a very long and very heavy storm of hail, and there had been others before, but I heard no thunder. Saturday was a good deal better ; dry and cold. (5)
11. 1. Willoughby promises to keep for Marianne?s use a horse named 'Queen ___ ' 2. A historical-geographic region of Friuli, whose municipalities all belong to the province of Udine, which is part of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region (9)
13. 'The coach was stopped at the blacksmith's, and they came running down with Triggs and Browning, and trunks, and ________s. Quite amusing' (8)
16. 'There were twenty dances, and I danced them all, and without any fatigue. I was glad to find myself capable of dancing so much, and with so much satisfaction as I did; from my slender enjoyment of the Ashford balls as assemblies for dancing I had not thought myself equal to it, but in cold weather and with few couples I fancy I could just as well _____ for a week together as for half an hour. My black cap was openly admired by Mrs. Lefroy, and secretly I imagine by everybody else in the room' (5)
17. 'Lady Hales, with her two youngest daughters, have been to see us. Caroline is not grown at all coarser than she was, nor Harriet at all more delicate' Her husband Sir Thomas Pym- Hales was this number in succession in his baronetcy (6)
18. 'Old Toke came in while we were paying our visit. I thought of Louisa. Miss Milles was queer as usual, and provided us with plenty to laugh at. She undertook in three words to give us the history of Mrs. Scudamore's reconciliation, and then talked on about it for half-an-hour, _____ such odd expressions, and so foolishly minute, that I could hardly keep my countenance' (5)
21. 'The letter which I have this moment received from you has diverted me beyond moderation. I could die of laughter at it, as they used to say at school. You are indeed the finest comic writer of the present age' Which Austen sister said this? (4)
23. A Barber caste in India (3)