Themed 15x15 Standard Crossword - Compiled By stellam

Date: 04 Aug 2009 Title: Emma - Austen themed crossword

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8. The young vicar whom Emma wants Harriet Smith to marry (11)
10. ______, monster! we know what belongs,trinculo 4.1 225 226 (3)
11. Emma, herself the highest value for elegance. ... and excessive solicitude about it often destroys its own ___ (3)
12. Mr. Bennet searches London diligently for his missing daughter in Pride and Prejudice but there is ________who provides any long-term moral guidance. Do you agree with this comment? (7)
15. An amount of money paid to a worker for a specified quantity of work, usually expressed on an hourly basis (4)
16. Some would say in modern terms that Emma Woodhouse is this (4)
17. Mr. Frank Churchill did not come. ... but if he is only a chattering _______ he will not occupy much of my time or thoughts (7)
19. Also referred to as a lariat, riata, or reata, is a loop of rope that is designed to be thrown around a target and tighten when pulled (5)
20. Who gave Emma much of this over her treatment of Miss Bates? Abbreviated term of aggravation. (5)
21. Women shoes had narrow ______ and the rounded toecap. Simple flat and pump shoes made of soft cloth like silk were very comfortable to wear (7)
22. I cannot _____ with you, papa; you know I cannot. Mr. Weston is such a good-humoured, pleasant, excellent man, that he thoroughly deserves a good wife;--and you would not have had Miss Taylor live with us for ever, and bear all my odd humours, when she might have a house of her own? (5)
24. My aunt may have erred, said Emma, warmly. She has _____, but my uncles conduct was faultless. I was her own niece, and he left to herself the power and the pleasure of providing for me. Which of Janes Emmas said this? (5)
26. As you do us such ample justice now, said Emma, laughing, I will venture to ask, whether you did not come a little doubtfully at first? Do not we rather ______ your expectations? (7)
29. I do not comprehend the meaning of the word. But this I can say, that if he ever was a ____ before he married, he is one still, for there is not the smallest alteration in him (4)
30. Was George Knightley this sort of person to Emma? (4)
31. This area of England where the famouse picnic took place in Emma (7)
35. Though now the middle of December, there had yet been no weather (3)
36. This word comes from the Arabic word for wedding (3)
37. Some, especially Mr.Elton would call Emma Woodhouse this (11)