Themed 13x13 Standard Crossword - Compiled By stellam

Date: 12 Dec 2009 Title: Coronation Street in the 60's and events around th

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2. Windsor Davies was a returning officer on Coronation Street in 66' and on this show as 'Uncle ___' on 2.4 Children in 99' (3)
3. For Queen Elizabeth's Coronation this designer Madame _______ was in charge of the construction of the dress in 1953 (8)
4. This Betty currently Williams used to have this last name? (6)
5. Emily Bishop formerly Nugent then after her husbands death married a Mr. Swain who turned out to be a bigamist had her marriage annulled which made her marriage ____ and void. (4)
6. Though often criticised for being 'boring', critics fail to recognise the complex nature of a character whose _______, which once inspired him, is now a cause for frustration as he himself works as a teacher of pupils unwilling to learn which character who started in the 1960's is this describing? (9)
7. The most successful villain in Corrie nearly 50 years he has been _____ playing mind-games manipulating people, who is this character? (5)
8. Joe Donelli who killed Steve Tanner was played by this Mr Rimmer in 68' (5)
11. This actress in recollection of her first scene was opposite legend Elsie Tanner, this later Coronation Street actress denies following in her footsteps at time of re-casting (9)
13. Mario was instantly attracted to Christine Hardman, but she found him too possessive and dumped him after a while this in comparison to today's young villain to be David Platt known for this _______ (8)
16. These two Phillips on Coronation Street played by Bernard Kay and Ray Brooks played this character name _____. (5)
17. Fawlty Towers character played this hairdresser Hughes (6)
18. Michael Barrington played Edgar Nuttall in 63' and The Bishop of ______ in 'Privilege' (5)
21. 'Skirt no bigger than a ____, too much eyeliner and roots as dark as her soul!' This Maggie Jones also played a policewoman in 61' (4)
23. This actress the first asian character in 69' on Coronation Street Lucille Soong played Jasmine Choong and played recent years on Desperate Housewives as this character ___ Lin. (3)