Themed 13x13 Standard Crossword - Compiled By stellam

Date: 14 Jan 2010 Title: Coronation Street in the 70`s

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1. 'You've only cracked it if t'other one wants *you* to love 'them'.If not, nothing you can do about it' At Dennis Tanner's wedding in 68' this best man Booth made this speech. (5)
4. Jo Cameron Brown played a registrar when Nick and Leanne first married Jean Alcorn was in 'Take The High Road' a scottish short lived soap playing this Lorna (5)
7. Alfred Roberts a shop keeper had an ________ to become a teacher (8)
8. This Scottish professional wrestler Campbell who played himself in the legendary October 1964 episode of Coronation Street in which he wrestled and defeated Stan Ogden, Mercer who was later Gary Mallett and McKellen recent years was on Corrie briefly. (4)
9. 'I may not agree with people breaking the law, but I've 'never' been a stool-_______.'This said by Emily Bishop and birds owned by John Harold Duckworth (8)
11. Tilsley and London restaurant (4)
12. Malcolm Hebden currently playing Norris Cole also played this character in 76' (6)
14. Swindley's management experience was _____ when he was appointed assistant manager at a fictional department store, Dobson and Hawks. Granada produced two series of the spin-off, which ended in 1966 (6)
16. This actor Long played Roger Nightingale in 76 (4)
18. Barbara Keogh who played Lizzie Woods in 66' and also later on Eastenders also toured in Alan Ayckbourn?s ______ Feelings (8)
20. Kirkbride and Reid both played wives of Ken Barlow (4)
21. Donald Morley who played Walter Fletcher and Fred Bolton on Corrie in 74' also played Tranter in this film 'The _______s' (8)
23. This Ms Tebbs played Ken Barlows one of many flings Wendy Nightingale (5)
24. Kenneth Cope who played Jed Stone in 66' and recent reprise also played this character on Dr.Who Albert ______ in 07' The Royal (5)


1. William Roache started out studying medicine, after National Service he stayed in the army (Royal Welsh Fusiliers) and became a captain, spending five years in the services with postings in ________, British Guiana, Bermuda, Germany and Oman (7)
2. To cause to repent of sin or regret some past action. (5)
3. This abbreviated term stands for where David Platt son of Gail Platt spent some time (3)
4. Kate Ford the second Tracey Langton Barlow who came to the street in 78' (9)
5. Friend of Gail Potter and mother of Duckworth grandchild. (7)
6. June Muriel Brown who played Mrs. Parsons on Corrie also played Dot on Eastenders as well as playing this character Slagg in Gormenghast (5)
10. Sally Norton, whom Deirdre Langton had met when she had Tracey she was alone after having to give up her own child she had an ________ with Tracey and subsequently had stolen her was later charged with abduction (9)
13. Anne Reid who played Valerie Tatlock later Barlow also recently did Ladies of _____ for BBC4 Womans Hour (7)
15. Played Karen Lomax on Corrie in 72' (7)
17. Before Coronation Street first aired in 1960, Tony Warren tried to gauge an idea of its popularity by making the Granada staff watch the dry runs of the show and write their thoughts on a questionnaire For those not in the know, we'll have a little reminder the tea lady who said that Florizel Street sounded like a distinfectant? (5)
19. Alan Howard proposes to this manageress and also married Steve Tanner (5)
22. Jack and Annie Walker in June 1970 found themselves in trouble, receiving a bill for ?17,650 unpaid taxes (3)