Themed 15x15 Standard Crossword - Compiled By stellam

Date: 09 Apr 2010 Title: Corrie in the 90's

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3. His nickname resulted from him having straight, lank hair. His hobby was astronomy, and he installed a telescope in the loft of his house (5)
7. Mother of Alice-Diana (6)
8. This Ms. Bullmore played Stephanie Barnes (6)
9. 1. First starting on the serial in 1974, she had more of a recurring role as a factory worker until her husband, Jack, first appeared in 1979 2. This Ms. Acton made her professional debut as the third Tracy Barlow (5)
12. Barmaid of the Rover's Dev's one of many girlfriends 2. Ms. Seddon was Sally Webster's younger 'wild-child' sister who also escaped her violent, domineering father (5)
14. The character arrived in Coronation Street to help her sister Maggie Clegg run the corner shop, and has since had a number of storylines which have seen her become twice widowed, and mother to an illegitimate son. (5)
15. From thrum, the warp end of a weaver's web or A common name for Alisma plantago-aquatica, a hardy bog plant native to North America that grows to 3 feet (9)
16. After several years in mourning, Rita became involved with Alec Gilroy, an old friend who had been her manager in her career as a night club ______ singer, before her first marriage. (7)
17. Heaton Park has been used for filming stories, Emily Bishop once climbed up and sat in one of the trees with Spider, Toyah and Roy Cropper (7)
19. 1. Sally's pregnant - but she understands why Gail is not telling everyone - although she thinks Martin should be told. Gail is worried about he pregnancy. 2. In 1967, the great train disaster struck Coronation Street and Ena was one of its victims, ______ under the viaduct where she was eventually found alive by David Barlow (9)
22. This Mr.Sugden had unwanted female attention thanks to Phyllis Pearce and Maud Grimes. (5)
23. This character returned from prison after serving half his sentence in December 1993 for good behavior, and kidnapped Tommy, and sold him to his parents-in-law. (5)
24. Nick Tilsley and David Platt are this. (5)
26. Fortunately Reg Holdsworth was now working for _____'s Freezers and was able to wangle him a job as Assistant Manager - the old duo were united. (6)
27. From day one, she had men falling at her feet and the Christmas 1992 plot had randy Reg Holdsworth from Bettabuys, Jack Duckworth from The Rovers, and Doug Murray from the garage, vying for the favours of this new sex siren in the Elsie Tanner mould (6)
28. Over the years, the character has proved her good neighbour image by taking in a number of lodgers, most notably Percy Sugden, Curly Watts, her nephew Spider, and current lodger Norris Cole (5)


1. This character was a nurse, working at Weatherfield General Hospital. He first appeared in 1985 as a school-leaver working in Jim's Cafe. (6)
2. 'In _____ , I got talking to a guy in the hotel bar and he seemed nice so I invited him to the last-night performance. We did the show, and afterwards he came to see me backstage in all the towel gear' This actress played Samatha Failsworth on Corrie (6)
3. 'I want to be the Alexis Colby of Weatherfield,' she says. 'I've even got the shoulder pads!' Her petite frame ____ in jeans, casual jacket and famed blonde crop hidden by a baseball cap, she looks more like a sassy teenager than her glamorous character on screen. Who is this siren who nabbed both Des Barnes and Kevin Webster. (4)
4. ____ is a tropical infection of the skin, bones and joints caused by the spirochete bacterium Treponema pallidum pertenue (4)
5. He is venerated as a saint and martyr by both the Catholic Church and the Anglican Communion. He engaged in conflict with Henry II of England over the rights and privileges of the Church and was assassinated by followers of the king in Canterbury Cathedral. (6)
6. Since the 1960's this character is always miserable and brooding, due to the terrible burden of their _____ intellect in the face of so many simpletons. Who is this speaking of? (6)
10. What do Ken Barlow and Kevin Webster have in common at this point? (9)
11. ___ _____ are for journalists who are either aspiring to obtain their first on-air reporting job, or seasoned journalists who need to update their work. (9)
13. The Preston's mother of Tracey Barlow's ex husband Robert (7)
14. This Ms. BrammallCarol, a barmaid in the Mermaid Lounge (Cruise video, December 1995) (7)
18. Ravi, Nita and Vikram Cornershop owners and relative to Dev Alahan (6)
19. ST. _____, Baron, a title in the peerage of Scotland, conferred in 1611, on Henry Stewart, second son of James, Lord Doune, and brother of 'the bonny earl of Moray.' (6)
20. Alison Oakley is a woman who Brian Tilsley meets in a nightclub. Brian tries to ______ Alison against two young thugs who begin harassing her, which results in Brian being fatally stabbed (6)
21. Emily has sworn off love completely, pushing herself into more topical endeavours instead. In 1998, when her nephew Spider arrives on the scene, Emily takes him in and they become fast friends as well as partners in saving the Red Rec from Alf Roberts' proposed plans for a 'Millenium Bowl'. Who does she swear off marriage again for? (6)
24. Misses sister Katie's funeral to confess to the police about the radios. Receives a ?100 ____. Later charms landlord Alec Gilroy's posh granddaughter, Vicky Arden. Who is this character? (4)
25. This Mr. Hughes played this Yeats as well played Vernon Scripps 'Heartbeat' and Onslow 'Keeping Up Appearances' (4)